Japan Tsunami


Nancy Webber

These three-dimensional works are all concerned with current events.
DOMINANCE is made from the head of an old Chinese puppet and the body of a Russian kinetic toy directing traffic with flags. The bottom metal triangular piece marked “So China Sea”.  refers to an international argument between the Philippines and China over rights of passage in the South China Sea.  A graphite drawing of this assemblage is surrounded by collaged images of waves and ships.
The found object of an open book resined except for two or three pages became the assemblage dealing with the tsunami in Japan.  Movable pages were covered with printed sections of Hokusai’s WAVE.  A small ceramic Japanese village with a gate, man, and fish tumble on the waves.

PANDORA’S BOX has a lid the top of which is a print of Cranach’s Adam and Eve offering Adam the apple from which all sin and suffering emanates.  Inside the lid is a copy of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Pandora holding the smoking box. Also inside is an image of Anima Sola in chains engulfed in flames reaching upward from Mexican iconography. The sides of the box have scenes of the villainess from the film noir KISS ME DEADLY.  She is opening the box of nuclear radiation also engulfed in flames.

THE OLD WOMAN WHO LIVED IN A SHOE, HAD SO MANY SHOES SHE DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO is made of an old doll in my collection, set in a black, suede shoe with a print of a cascade of children at her back as in the nursery rhyme.  She rests on a book on the history of shoes. The work suggests addiction, acquiring too much.
One of the largest assemblages was created for a “Dia De Los Muertos” exhibit.  Dick Cheney is portrayed as “el diablo” from Mexican folk art, for orchestrating the Iraq war with the casualties listed on his torso.  He is at the center surrounded by other folk art death figures.

MERMAIDS SAVING THE SEA:  For a themed exhibit to transform negative myths into positive ones, I created an ephemeral display of Mexican folk art “Mermaids Saving the Sea”, instead of luring sailors to their death.  The sea is polluted with a floating paint can and a  dragon onshore feeding on debris. The result was a photographic print of archival pigment 16”x20”.

From environmental issues to racism in America, I began with finding three vintage candles in a thrift store. To make my statement on racism in America a breadbox is used to house the candles, representing servants, a mammy, a butler, and a preacher.  The backdrop is from Alistair Cooke’s section of this history in his book “America” with images of cotton fields.  The front piece is collaged with excerpts from James Baldwin’s “The Fire Next Time”. The effigy candles are standing on cotton balls: the Title: “INTO THE FIRE”, burning these stereotypes.

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